A Technician Discovers Community Cinema

There are many interesting things I have to do in my current position. Managing a small Arts Centre means that budgets are very tight. Often, all of us have to work very long hours and muck in on jobs that we really don’t have the training nor experience to deal with. To be quite honest though, this is the best part of the job - and I love it!

Prior to this job (and still on a sporadic freelance basis), I worked as a theatre technician. When working in technical theatre, there are a few principles that we work on, the main one being that everything must work on the night. I’ve done some pretty questionable bodges in my time to achieve this. They were all inelegant, but they all worked and, here’s another key point, they were completely invisible to the audience. A good bodge should work to the point that no-one can tell it’s a bodge.

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